AloeHI Foot Balm

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Meet your feet's new bestfriend! Mixed with love, essential oils, and an intuitively selected blend of herbs, AloeHI foot balm is sure to get the job done. This balm is great for dry, cracked and/or damaged feet. Especially great for in between pedicures.

Leaving your feet moisturized and soft, AloeHI foot balm awakens all your senses through application!

Best used immediately after baths, showers, pedicures; wear socks for about 15-20 minutes after applying for ultimate moisture! A little goes a long way.

"May your steps be ordered accordingly."

[Weight: 10ml/.34oz] - almost 2-3x the size of a normal lip balm tube.

[MDP] = Medicinal Properties/[MTP]=Metaphysical Properties

Coconut Oil - [MDP] Increases hydration in the skin, contains vitamin E,re-establishes the skin's natural anti-microbial and acid barrier;"cracked feet fighter". also helps combat athlete's foot. [MTP] Purification and protection

Sunflower Oil -[MDP] Improves sking health, improves hydration, great massage carrier oil [MTP] High spiritual vibrations, sun energy, aids in clairvoyance, assists in meditation, protects from physical harm, success

Hempflower Oil (CBD infused) - [MDP] Enhances cell growth, moisturizes w/o clogging pores, soothes inflammation, rich in omega-6 and -3 fatty acids [MTP] All the qualities of a crystal quartz, amplifies any magical work, manifestation, "programming" w/ positive energy, remove negative influence, healing, love, protection, psychic vision, peace, meditation, beauty, etc.

Dried Aloe Vera plant - [MDP] Anti-inflammatory, skin-toner, wound and tissue healer, Vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B6,B12, folic acid and choline.[MTP] Luck and protection

Red Rose Petals (Rosa Centifolia) [MDP] Astringent, tonic, skin toner, helps moisturize dry skin, vitamin C [MTP] Love and healing

Rosemary - [MDP] Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, circulatory stimulant, iron, calcium, vitamin A,C,and B6 [MTP] Protection, love, healing

Witch Hazel - [MDP] Astringent, stops bleeding, helps repair broken skin [MTP] Protection