Santo Bouquet (2 PCS)


Santo bouquets are Palo Santo sticks intentionally wrapped with herbs and/or flowers to usher in a particular energy while cleansing one's self or desired space.

SELF LOVE WRAP - /Carnation, Lavender, and "Forget-me-not"/ curated to bring calm to the mind and heart's eye. Allows it's user to remember why loving one's self comes first. Aids in amplifying loving energy and bringing peace to user and/or desired atmosphere.

DECLUTTER - /Cedar/ curated to help remove mental fog, confusion, chaotic energy and clutter! Great for use prior to journaling, cleaning, before important discussions, and aids in removing stagnate energy.

ABUNDANCE - /Cinnamon,Bayleaf,Frankincense/ curated to bring abundance of finances, financial discipline, birthright inheritances and to remove less than great spending habits.

SACRED MOVEMENT -/Roses, Calendula, Chrysanthemum/ curated to amplify sacral movement -- whether that be during yoga, meditation, sex (with or without another individual[before and after]). Also aids in balancing the sacral chakra and easing aches related to the reproductive system.