Herbal Smoke Blends

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Herbal smoke blends are created with herbs enchanted to target specific energies in its users, and raise the vibration of those targeted energies!

Each pack comes with 4 pre-rolls.

-Mugwort: helps with visions, dreams and amplifying psychic skills. Third eye opener.

-Self-love Blend:
relieves anxiety, helps to produce more spiritually vibrating love frequencies from within. It’s also an aphrodisiac blend. So it will heighten sexual energy and feminine essence/divinity. (Can be used by men as well!)

-Lucid Blend: "The healer's choice" : Declutters the mind and enables its user to tap in deeper to their intuition. This blend can be smoked prior to energy workings, meditation sessions, scribing, and/or readings. Lucid blend can produce prophetic dreams and visions. In addition, this blend will give a sense of ease and calm.

- Unload Blend -/helps to ease anxiety or overactive nerves. Great for unpacking thoughts and focusing with less distractions

  • Lucid Blend
  • Self-Love Pack
  • Mugwort
  • Unload Blend